6 Incredible And Lesser Known Places In India

Some of the unique and lesser known places in India hold unexplored characteristic excellence and qualities to make you need to leave everything and to lose all sense of direction in the wild right then. We convey to you a gathering of spots that are an unquestionable requirement for any individual who wishes to see the best of India.

1 – Siju Caves – Meghalaya 

132 Kms from Tura, Siju is one of the longest caves India and has some fine river entries. Situated in Baghmara and loaded with stunning limestone developments, this hollows additionally incorporate unexplored mystery chambers with obscure mazes. Siju caverns are must have involvement for any individual who likes experience and is searching for something invigorating.

Reaching There:-

Nearest Airport – Guwahati

Nearest Railway Station – Guwahati

From Guwahati Airport or Station, take a cab to Shillong, and Tura is 314.5 kms from Shillong, which you can reach by taking a cab or a luxury bus from Shillong. If you want to explore more of the lands of Assam and Meghalaya, check out my journey here

2 – Keibul Lamjao National Park, Loktak Lake – Bishnupur, Manipur

Loktak lake is the largest fresh water lakes of North East India and the Phumdis – Half or full decomposed mass of vegetation, floats over it, making it look just out of this world. This is not it, the lake also has Keibul Lamjao National Park – The only floating park in the world, as its integral part. 

Take a grand adventure through the serene waters of the drifting Loktak Lake in the blasting sun, and your brain and soul is invigorated with inward peace and unceasing smoothness. It has one of the world’s biggest floating island with a zone of 40 sq kms.

Reaching There:-

Nearest Airport – Imphal

Nearest Railway Station – Dimapur

Dimapur railway station is 215 km from Imphal, and from Imphal, the park is 53 Kms. You can take a private vehicle, cab, or bus from Imphal, Dimapur, or even Guwahati. 

3 – Valley Of Flowers – Uttarakhand, Himalayas

Escape from the confused lanes and testing eyes of human advancement at high over the Himalayas and the Garhwal Hills of Uttaranchal in a valley loaded with vivid fields and energetic blossoms. The bewildering magnificence of the beautiful flowers advanced with thick dew upgrades the excellence of this brilliant valley.

The best season to visit is July to September when there are multicoloured flowers all over the valley. 

Reaching There:-

The closest you can get to The Valley of Flowers by road is Govind Ghat.

Nearest Airport – Dehradun

Nearest Railway Station – Rishikesh

Airport is 295 Kms, while the railways station is 276 Kms. To reach Govind Ghat, it is a drive of about 11 hours to Joshimath from Dehradun and further an hour drive to Govind Ghat. From there,  it is a 13-kilometer trek along a steep, narrow, but well defined mountain trail to base camp at Ghangaria. This will take between 4 and 8 hours. From Ghangaria, another 3 km trek leads to the valley. 

4 – Majuli Island, Biggest River Island In The World – Assam

The historical texts and folklores say that this was a mere piece of land, which became an island after the advent of recurring earthquakes for 15 days that made the River Brahmaputra, flowing on one side of this island, to split and the other channel Burhidihing was formed. This is how the largest river island and also the only island district of India, came into being.

Also, based on the ancient writing, Majuli has been the cultural capital of the Assamese state. This odd area that will abandon you hypnotized is recognised by the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest river island in the world. 

Reaching There:-

Majuli can only be reached by a ferry ride.

Nearest Airport – Jorhat

Nearest Railway Station – Jorhat

You can take a ferry from Jorhat, which is also the nearest road destination to moduli. There are 2 ferry rides to reach Majuli. The 1st ride takes an hour and 2nd ride takes 10-15 minutes to reach. 

5 – Bhedaghat, The Niagra Falls Of India – Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh

Ascending to a stunning hundred feet on either side of the Narmada River, and taking off high above with sparkling fabulousness, the exquisite Marble Rocks of the Bhedaghat open up the tranquil and flawless perspective of the calm and rich green nature surrounding it. The Dhooadhar Falls, also known as the Niagra Falls of India, looks nothing less than spectacular. 

Another great thing about the marble rocks here, is they were used to craft the incredible Taj Mahal. Also, the guides there, claim that those marble rocks lets the lights pas through them. 

Reaching There:-

Nearest Airport – Jabalpur

Nearest Railway Station – Bhedaghat 

Distance from Jabalpur to Bhedaghat is 28 kms, and you can take a tempo, auto rickshaw, or a cab. 

6 – Living Root Bridges, Nongriat and Mawlynnong, Meghalaya

Probably you never would think of a bridge, which is hand crafted out of living tree roots and that can bear around 60 people at a time standing on it. Concealed inside the bounds of Cherrapunji are lovely fortunes of nature’s enchanting manifestations. ‘The Abode of Clouds – Meghalaya’ monitors this radiant engineering of God and nature for the world to see.

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