Double Decker Living Root Bridge – Meghalaya

The Double decker living root bridge in Nongriat, Meghalaya, is a one of a kind attraction. If you are not aware about this hidden gem, you got to know about it really soon, and go visit!
Deep in the rainforests of the Indian state of Meghalaya, bridges are not built, they’re grown!
State – Meghalaya
Town – Cherrapunji
Village – Nongriat and Mawlynnong

The Double Decker Living Root Bridge

I am sure you must be wondering how can someone build a bridge out of the living tree roots, isn’t it? This left me bewildered too, when I heard about it for the first time. But as soon as I heard about it, my heart knew what’s my next travel plan!

This place is one of the rarest discoveries because you will not find many people talking about the living root bridge Mawlynnong or Nongriat have. Supposedly there are more than one such living root bridges in the whole Meghalaya.

To give you a little history of this wonderful creation, it was built by the KHASI TRIBES that dwell in the serene forests of Meghalaya. Now, these are the people who have been putting up in this place since the very beginning.

  Khasi Woman Selling Fresh Fruits

Along with the double decker living root bridges, there are also single decker living root bridges. The Khasi Tribe made these bridges across rivers, so that they can have an access to the other side.

How Are These Bridges Built?

Can you guess? No! basically the Khasi Tribe engineered these root bridges across the rivers. In Nongriat, you will find the Umshiang Double Decker Root Bridge. Umshiang is the river on which these bridges were built.

People of the Khasi Tribe, took the newly grown ends of a tree root and channelized it to the other side via hollow woods. So, the roots grew in the direction of the hollow woods and reached the other end if the river.

This way, they channelized a lot of roots to the other end of the river and made the bridge quite strong. These bridges can hold upto 60 people at a time. After the roots grew, they put stones over it to solidify the structure all the more.

  Single Decker Root Bridge Mawlynnong

Best Season to Visit North East

I visited this natural beauty during the rainy season, which is essentially in the month of July. But, this is not the good season to visit Northeast. Best time to visit Shillong or Cherrapunji is during the winters.

Best time to visit North East is in the months of October to March. You can also visit in the summers, but it is the most beautiful during winters.

Where to Stay in Meghalaya?

Staying is not a big problem in Meghalaya. You can chose to stay in the homestays or the Meghalaya tourism hotels in Shillong. Apart from these, there are many hotels that you can book online.

Prefer to stay in the main market areas because from there only you will get all the cabs and buses for everywhere. If you are staying in Guwahati, stay in Paltan Bazaar area. There, you will get government cabs for Shillong, Cherrapunji and Mawlynnong.

I stayed in Shillong, it was a Marwari owned hotel in the main market area. Mawlynnong took me an hour from there. You can also read my post about Mawlynnong – Asia’s Cleanest Village. It has much more to offer apart from the living root bridge trek.

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