Flocks Of Pink Flamingo In Mumbai: All You Need To Know

Flamingos are one of the most beautiful birds that you can spot on this planet. They are a nature lover’s and a photographer’s delight. Like many other migratory birds, Flamingos also migrate to India from various parts of the world. But, can you ever imagine that a Metro City like Mumbai, can play a host to these spectacular birds? To spot a Flamingo in Mumbai, is something no one expects. But, the fact of the matter is, there is a big Flamingo Sanctuary in Mumbai, and this amazing city has been a host to Flamingos since 11 years! Unbelievable, isn’t it?

Pink Flamingos have been flocking over the marsh lands of Mumbai since 11 years. November to May or June is the duration when you can spot Flamingos in Mumbai. It was only last year that the Northeastern Area of the Thane Creek near Airoli, was declared as a Flamingo Sanctuary. BNHS (Bombay Natural History Society) and CMBC (Coastal and Marine Biodiversity Centres) in Sewri and Airoli are now running boat rides to spot Flamingos.

The Flamingo Safari, or Flamingo Boat Ride comes under the state’s Mangroves cell but there are some private boat rides arranged by the local fishermen.

Where To Spot Flamingo In Mumbai?

You can spot these pink Flamingos in Mumbai, in Thane/Airoli Creek and Sewri Jetty Flamingo Point. Although, this season, Airoli is a better option to spot almost 40,000 Flamingos. Below are the Maps to watch Flamingos in Sewri Jetty and Thane Creek.

How To Reach Thane Creek

The point where the Flamingos start to flock, is called Bhandup Pumping Station. There is also a bus stand called “Bhandup Pumping Station”, which you can reach by Bus, Auto, Cab, or your own Car. If you have your personal conveyance, it will be the best, as every other thing will leave you on the service road and then you have to walk all the way inside( 2 kms approx.)

How To Reach Sewri Jetty Flamingo Point

Sewri Jetty is another Flamingo Viewing Point in Mumbai. You can spot some Flamingos from Sewri Fort too, but it is a rarity. This season, Sewri Jetty point has not witnessed Flamingos as compared to the last years, may be because of the Nahva-Sheva sea link work that is going on. You can take your personal vehicle or a cab to Sewri Jetty Flamingo Point.

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