Ghol Fish Made Two Brothers Rich Overnight In India

Ghol Fish might not be the most popular fish breeds such as Salmon and Tuna, but a Ghol Fish is worth a lot for its medicinal value. To an Indian fishermen duo, this highly valuable fish catch proved to be a boon. They just got lucky to catch them in their fishnet and after a while long bidding, they bagged Rs.5.5 lakh. Countries like Malaysia and Indonesia witness the highest numbers of Ghol Fish, and undoubtedly it is the most valuable fish there.

What Is Ghol Fish Like?

Ghol Fish

Ghol is the scientific name for the fish that holds much of importance because of its medicinal values. It has a golden tint with well spread out fins. The fins are such that anyone can easily spot it once caught.¬†Protonibea Diacanthus, as the fish is known scientifically, is also known as “Sea gold”.

Medicinal Values of Ghol Fish

The fishermen who caught the Ghol Fish, claimed that they will be happy to sell the fish internationally as many of the pharma companies use them. Several medicines are manufactured with the help of the organs of this fish. The reason why it is so valuable is because it holds a very high medicinal value.

Where was the Ghol Fish Caught in India?

Two fishermen caught the Ghol Fish near a village in Palghar village near Mumbai. These two are brothers and caught this fish weighing around 30 kgs. They claim to have earned Rs.5.5 from this valuable fish. This news has become a national news in India as for the fishermen, bagging this huge amount out of just one catch is highly unlikely.

Every news channel has this news featured today. There are clippings from  most of the popular news channels on the internet today, where the fishermen duo are seen with their fresh catch. Just google it to view it.

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