How To Book A Flamingo Boat Ride In Thane Creek

Flamingos are one of the most sought after birds, as far as nature lovers are concerned. These beautiful birds have flocked the mudflats of mumbai. They appear in Mumbai starting from the month of November till May or June. This year, the Mangrove cell and also some private fishermen have started organising Flamingo Boat Rides for people to enjoy the immensely attractive Flamingos.

Flamingo Boat Ride In Thane Creek

The Airoli Flamingo Sanctuary organises boat rides to watch Flamingo in Mumbai. Also, there are fishermen and some local travel agents that organise flamingo boat safari from Bhandup Pumping Station inside thane creek bird watching area.

Three Categories Of Flamingo Boat Rides In Airoli Flamingo Sanctuary

You can book your flamingo safari or boat ride via various event sites such as Eventshigh and Insider. But, I will not recommend, as they charge Rs.800-Rs.900 per person for a shared big boat. While, if you reach the boat ride point, as shown in the map above, and book directly via fishermen, it will cost Rs.400 for a 1 hour ride.

1 – Big Boat for 15-20 people

This is a motor boat. You will need to carry a binocular while travelling in this boat as, when this boat nears the Flamingos, they fly. So, they have to maintain a distance, and then you require a binocular to spot these Flamingos closely. This is more suitable for a large group of people, like the whole family and kids.

2 – Medium Boat for 6 people

If you are a group of friends, this boat will be more than enough for you. You can book a whole boat in Rs.4000-Rs.5000 for 1 hour. This is again a motor boat and will not take you very close to the Flamingos. So, don’t forget to carry a binocular.

3 – Small Boat for 2 people

This is the boat ride that I went for. It is only for 2 people. It is a hand rower boat, and the boat ride duration is for 3 hours. This costs Rs.2000, and can be taken directly from the boat ride spot. Only thing is it takes time to reach the mudflats, as this is a hand rower boat. But, if you are a photographer, or a birdwatcher, this is an amazing option for you as it takes you considerably close to the Flamingos.

What To Carry While On A Flamingo Boat Ride

Here is a list of the most important things to carry or to wear:

  • Binoculars
  • Camera
  • Cap
  • Sunscreen
  • Water
  • Snacks
  • Sports Shoes

To buy the images or feature our post in your website, contact You can know more about how to reach the Flamingo Point in Thane Creek and Sewri jetty area here. If you don’t stay in Mumbai, you can check out  Top 10 Places to Spot Pink Flamingos in India.

Best Time To Spot Flamingos In Airoli Creek and Sewri Jetty

Best time to visit Thane Flamingo Sanctuary to vie Flamingo in Mumbai, is mostly during the morning at 6 AM. But, it is highly dependent on the High and Low tides. High tides aren’t the best to view Flamingos as these birds usually feed on the mudflats. You can check the High Tide timings on google, and then plan a visit.

To buy the images or feature our post in your website, contact Read more about Flamingo Boat Ride In Thane Creek and what to carry. Flamingos not only flock in Mumbai, but also in 10 different places across India.

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