Raas Luxury Heritage Hotel – Jodhpur

Any Luxury Heritage Hotel has a huge significance in India. Here, these hotels carry a legendary past that is associated with Kings and Kingdoms. If I say India is a land of luxuries, it won’t be an exaggeration. The palaces and forts that this land hosts, no where in the world you can find. One such Luxury Heritage Hotel is Raas, in Jodhpur – the blue city of India.

What Makes Raas Jodhpur A Luxury Heritage Hotel?

  Raas Jodhpur at Night

Most of the hotels in Jodhpur old city, near the

Raas Jodhpur at Night

Most of the hotels in Jodhpur old city, near the Ghantaghar market are built in Haveli forms. Raas stands out not only in its architecture, but also in the hospitality and its ambience. If you want to taste a bit of the Indian Royalty, pick this hotel for at least a two night stay. Let’s begin with the rooms, it has 5 room categories:

Rooms at Raas Jodhpur

1)Stepwell Suit – Overlooking a famous step well of Jodhpur

2)Heritage Room – With a private open air sit out overlooking Meherangarh fort

3)Duplex Suit – Overlooking Pool

4)Luxury Room – With a closed sit out overlooking Pool

5)Garden Room – With a private garden

  Heritage Room

We stayed in the Heritage Room that comes with a royal but quirky interior. The quirk is in its legendary blue doors and windows. It had a private sit out with a day bed and table-chairs. For any special occasion, you can arrange for a candle light dinning experience right at this spot.



It was originally built in the 18th century and is now converted into a luxury hotel. You can till date experience the “Rajputana Thaat”(The opulence of Rajputs) in their age old stone constructions. Starting with a magnificent entrance gate, to the very fabulous swimming pool, and majestic dining spaces, its architecture has a lot to narrate. Rooms to bathrooms, to the private sit outs, they have given much attention to details.

  Entrance Gate

Food and Hospitality 


Taste the delicacies of not only Rajasthan but the whole of India, here. You also get American and continental breakfasts here.

How To Reach There

By Flight – Take a direct flight to Jodhpur

By Road – There are AC buses available to Jodhpur city from places like Delhi and Jaipur

By Train – Take a direct train to Jodhpur city

Best Time to Visit

Best is to visit during the winter months – October to February

Rates Per Night

We stayed in Heritage room and booked the room on a deal via Booking.com for Rs.24,000 for two people.You can check out the rates here at Trivago.

  SPA area

The staff of this hotel is commendable. They really go that extra mile to satisfy their customers. Largely in India, specifically in Heritage Luxury hotels, hospitality is something of the utmost importance.

Key Points of Focus at Raas Jodhpur

  • Faces the iconic Meherangarh fort of Jodhpur
  • Luxurious rooms
  • Supreme hospitality
  • Tasty food
  • Clean and green space
  • Spa and Pool
  • Has iconic restaurants facing Meherangarh Fort and Step Well
  • Situated in the old Jodhpur city in the midst of blue houses
  • staurants facing Meherangarh Fort and Step Well
  • Situated in the old Jodhpur city in the midst of blue houses


  • Hospitality, Architecture, Food
  • Spa
  • Location and View
  • Cleanliness


  • Could not find any Cons


It is surely an amazing experience and also a relaxing one. It is a must-visit hotel.

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