Top Destinations To Celebrate White Christmas

A snowman with its red fleece scarf, Santa – in the knee-deep snow, and a wide expanse of white snow all around. This is how most of you imagine your Christmas eve to be, isn’t it? Unlike the olden times, it is not possible to enjoy white Christmas every and anywhere, thanks to the environmental changes, but there are still a lot of places that may not disappoint you. While referring to the word white Xmas, one means, the presence of snow either on the day of Christmas or on the Xmas eve.

Most Beautiful Places to Celebrate White Christmas

Christmas is undoubtedly one of the most awaited festivals around the world. More than the festival, it is a feeling that people wait for. The long holiday season that finally ends with a New Year Eve 2018, is just incomparable. As this beautiful festival is nearing, and you can’t wait for Santa’s arrival, here is a list of places that people prefer the most to celebrate White Christmas:

1 – Saint Petersburg, Russia

Russia has always been one of the toppers in the list of snowy destinations across the globe, especially Saint Petersburg. Chances are, here you will most definitely witness a White Christmas eve, so get your bags ready.

2 – Oslo, Norway

Not just snowy mountains, you can delight yourself with an array of amazing ski resorts here in the capital city of Norway, Oslo. And if you have time, there is no harm in extending the trip to the northern parts of Norway and soak yourself in the marvellous Northern Lights. This is one of the best months to witness it.

3 – Vienna, Austria

One of the most visited cities during Christmas, not only because it gives you a chance to witness white Xmas but also because here you can get yourself very much in the festive mood with the Christmas markets, held in front of the beautiful city hall.

4 – Helsinki, Finland

Another place where you can be almost sure of witnessing snow all around, is Helsinki, the capital of Finland.

5 – Zermatt, Switzerland

One of the highest and most popular Ski areas in the world, Zermatt, assures you of a snowy Xmas eve, because it is clad with snow for almost 10 months in a year.

6 – Ushuaia, Argentina

Snow is not just in the Northern Hemisphere of our globe, it is also in the Southern parts. The Southern most city Ushuaia, in Argentina, is definitely one of the places to enjoy white Christmas.

7 – Reykjavik, Iceland

Iceland is the most loved countries in the world. It is not only the cleanest, and greenest, but also the safest places around. So, if you plan for Reykjavik, from where, you can head to most of the Icelandic beauties, it is never a bad idea.

8 – Moscow, Russia

Moscow has snow even when it is not Christmas, so you can be more than sure to not get disappointed by this capital city of Russia.

9 – Salzburg, Austria

Salzburg’s brilliant baroque architecture is one of the UNESCO world heritage sites. It is also popular for snowy winters.

10 – Poprad, Slovakia

Poprad, is the gateway to the High Tatra Mountains, and is known for its amazing winter scenes. There is a wide range of hotels and popular ski resorts for you to enjoy to the fullest.

11 – Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is known for its picturesque streets, and also snowfall, although chances for a white Christmas have been dropping largely.

12 – Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm is one of the most beautiful cities of Scandinavia, and is very much known for its winters and snow.

13 – Tromso, Norway

Another city from Norway, this is the Northern most one, famous for rare natural occurrences such as the midnight sun, and the Northern Lights – Aurora Borealis. 

14 – Bangor, Maine

Chances of your observing a snow clad Christmas here in the 3rd largest city of Maine, are 88%. It is higher than most of the other places. So, if you can plan, do not wait for 25th December already, and head out to this place.

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